Council Actions

Council Minutes Highlights from September Meeting

The following is a summary of decisions and actions at the most recent Council meeting - September 29, 2022. The approved minutes will be available upon request following the October Council meeting.

  • Quarterly Financial Report - Third Quarter numbers will be available by the end of October and a Financial Report will be available for pick-up at church.
  • Pastor led discussions on our commitment to keep St. John open and to retain the parsonage. We need to be forward-looking, intentional, and focused. Discussions included: What do we need financially to be sustainable? How many people do we need to run the church? What would be a good measure of what we are trying to do? Council brainstormed ideas – committing to Hybrid, doing one community outreach within a specific time frame, utilizing social media/technology to do more outreach. Share the gospel with neighbors. Bring more people into the group of leadership. Boost engagement/investment/participation of current members.  Pastor would like to set small, achievable goals.
  • We may not get new AC units until January. Jiffy Plumbing continues to check but units are not available.
  • Council chose new carpet in the narthex as the next 100th Anniversary project. Costs and options are under investigation, but our goal will be to raise $3,000 for this next project.
  • Council is negotiating contracts with the Seventh Day Adventist and Pentecostal congregations for 2023. Cindy has inspected the Parsonage for upkeep and we will extend the agreement with the current renters.